NSW Cerebral Palsy Football Team announced


The team consists of 8 players who have also been chosen to tour Canada with the National Team. 
The team is:
NSW Squad

  1. Sam Larkings
  2. Brett Fairhall
  3. Jamie Laybutt
  4. Chris Pyne – Captain
  5. Marik Gleizer
  6. Chris Restall
  7. Brett Cross
  8. Ben Atkins
  9. Pat Grant
  10. Aidan Bennison
  11. Tim Clark
  12. Will Sacks

For interest, the following players from the NSW Team are also participating in the Canadian Tour.
Sam Larkings ? Vice Captain of the National Team
Brett Fairhall
Jamie Laybutt
Chris Pyne ? Captain of the National Team
Marik Gleizer
Brett Cross
Ben Atkins
Pat Grant