Luke Casserly still keen to play


?I felt really good until doing this hamstring,? he said. ?I thought I would like to play for another one or two years, but we?ll just see how this injury goes and how the rest of the season goes.
?If the body is there and the hunger is still there, I?ll keep playing because I love the game and I love being around the boys, so we?ll see how things pan out.?

The injury, which has haltered Casserly and put a rather large hole in the Stallions? defence, occurred at training.

?On Good Friday, at training, I was doing the hill sprints and I tore my hamstring, so I?ve missed a few games.?

Casserly, who these days combines a corporate career with Moraitis Fruit with his football, is philosophical about how the season has gone so far for Marconi.

?It?s been a tough year and we?ve had a lot of experienced players missing for a long time,? he said. ?We still don?t have Jay Lucas back and we?ve had both our strikers, Tolgay Ozbey and Tallan Martin, miss the whole pre-season because of operations in the off season.?

And when he finally does call it a day on his illustrious career, what will Luke Casserly be doing in football?

?I?ve always thought about coaching, but not at the moment because while I?m playing it?s not really on my mind,? he said.

?I think either you?re a player or you?re a coach, but once you stop playing you have another 40 years to worry about coaching.?
–       Joe Russo