Football NSW Cup Arrive alive Grade 12 Girls


All Arrive alive Premier and Super Youth League teams are invited to enter this tournament which will be used as an integral part of talent identification for State Team selection by the Football NSW High Performance Unit.
DATES: Tuesday 15th ? Friday 18th July 2008
VENUE: Valentine Sports Park
ELIGIBILITY: Premier & Super Youth League teams.  Invited teams.
FORMAT: This competition will be conducted over four days with an initial Round Robin style competition very similar to the current Grade 12 Boys Centenary Cup Competition.
Teams will be drawn into groups with at least three games over the first three days, with Quarter Finals played on the 3rd day and Semis and Finals played on the final day of the competition.
Medals will be awarded to the winners and runners up and all players will receive a memento of their participation in the competition.
A perpetual trophy will remain with Football NSW and a Replica Trophy, together with a Plaque, and a Winner?s polo shirt (for each player) will be awarded to the winning team.
REFEREE?S FEES: Will be paid by Football NSW.
ENTRY FEE: There will be no entry fee.
ENTRIES CLOSE: Friday 30th May 2008.
Larry Grant: Ph: 8814 4451   Fax:  8814 4483 
Competition Secretary: Mobile:  0414 541 541    
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