Super Youth League Round 11 Review


Only when those games are played will we have a true indication of what the competition tables really look like.
Catch-up games are full of danger as every single point is very valuable, particularly as most of these matches will be played as double-headers when it is possible that fatigue will have a bearing on the outcome. We will keep you posted about each of the games as they are played and how the result affect the structure of the tables.
In the only fixture played on the weekend, Spirit FC and Northern Tigers split the points evenly at seven apiece. Spirit picked up the Grade 13 points with a 1-0 win and that has allowed them to jump from twelfth to tenth while the Tigers have remained at ninth.
The Grade 14 match ended in a scoreless draw and that has helped Spirit to move up one place to fifth while the Tigers also went upward one position to be second.
Spirit collected all the points in the Grade 15 fixture when they were 3-0 winners and that moved them up a place to seventh and dropped the Tigers from seventh to eighth.
The Tigers registered their first win for the day in the Grade 16 match with a 1-0 scoreline and they jumped from eighth to sixth while Spirit have held onto fifth spot.
The Grade 18 match also went to the Tigers when they won 4-0 and that has allowed them to climb two places to third while Spirit have stayed in second spot.
-By Barry Davis