Posh Nick knuckles down


He rates the first, and only, time he had to go ?under the knife? as a very low point because it was uncharted territory for the right sided centre-midfield man: ?I had to have an Arthroscope on a lateral ligament tear and to be honest it was frightening as I?d never had an injury like that and it caused me to miss almost the entire pre-season.?
Of course, on the up side is the magnificent unbeaten start to this Telechoice Premier League campaign he and the rest of the team have managed to put together: ?It?s always pleasing to go on a run but we have obviously done well so far and it would be fantastic to remain unbeaten during the regular season.
?That brings other benefits too, like A-League scouts watching matches and that?s always a bit of a boost for the players.?
Another highlight would have to be the goal he scored, and he doesn?t get too many! against Macarthur Rams but as always the modest ?Stava? just says: ?It wasn?t bad I suppose,? in typical understatement.
His concentration during games has often been muted, albeit unfairly, as dropping off and for being a bit of a hot head but nothing is further from the truth. He has had a couple of red cards for what appear petulant fouls but this borne out of frustration more than anything else because the guy gives 100% every game.
?Football is a game of opinions and everyone has one but I have to be honest and say I don?t listen too much of what people say, good or bad, because I know that if I tried to change my game as some suggest I wouldn?t be the same player I am now.
?This season though I have actually tried harder to keep my concentration levels going for the full 90-minutes and feel it has shown in some of my performances and I?m always learning to read the play better.?
There can be no argument there as there have been some terrific efforts in the middle of the park and aiding in attack as the link man, provider or executer of the ball and, similar to Shane Lyons, if you tried to take that little bit of ?mongrel? out of the player it would not be good for the game. Would anyone have taken it away from the likes of Ian Wright or Graeme Souness for example?
Which brings us neatly to the favourite players and team of the 23-year old: ?I reckon Patrick Vieira and Cesc Fabregas would have been an unstoppable combination and something I would willingly pay to see but others I have admired are Roy Keane, Paul Scholes and Steven Gerrard, I am a Liverpool fan after all.?
Stavroulakis, for his tender years, has been around the traps somewhat starting with Sydney Olympic before moving on to Peterborough (the Posh) in England and Empoli (Italy) before coming back to Australia and signing with the Sharks but we couldn?t let him go without getting another George Souris (a player greatly admired by Nick also) story: ?We were on a warm down after training and George came out wearing nothing but sports tights, shin guards and boots and it truly was a sight not the feint hearted.?
Now there really is a picture no-one really wants in their mind?..surely?
That said, I?ve held off talking to Nick all season only because I believe he has a lot more to offer and there is so much more to come for this year and beyond.
He?s a good kid.
-By Micky Brock