Robert Issa firing on all cylinders at Fairfield City Lions


Robert Issa is the captain of Fairfield City, and his experience playing in the NSW State League is there for all to see as he leads his team around the park.
Born in Australia of Palestinian heritage in August, 1974, means Robbie turns 35 later this year, but there is still life left in these old legs as he continues to motor in the centre of midfield.
Robbie commenced kicking a ball at the ripe age of 8 years old, and has been playing football for the best part of 27 years.
He made his first grade debut at Auburn United under the astute coaching of ex-Socceroo kepper, Ron Corry, and has never looked back, playing for Bankstown City Lions, Liverpool Bossy, and his current club, Fairfeld City Lions, amongst others.
Robbie?s diverse career also included many seasons in the Australian Futsal National League, starring primarily for the West Sydney Swans in a sport he also loves.
Robbie?s favourite overseas players are Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs, and Portuguese star Luis Figo. Incidentally, Robbie looks very much like Figo, and has often played a similar attacking role for his various clubs, so don?t be mistaken for thinking the Inter Milan star is in Australia next time you watch Robbie playing for Fairfield!
I asked Robbie what do you enjoy most about your current role as captain of the Fairfield City Lions ? ?I enjoy passing on my experiences to the younger boys, motivating the team, and leading by example,? said Issa.
He lists his pet hates in football as ?a lack of passion and heart?, things I am certain do not exist at Fairfield given Robbie?s presence in the dressing room!
I also asked Robbie what advice he would give someone aspiring to be a professional footballer?
?Commitment, belief, and be true to yourself?and anything will be achieved,? stated Issa.
Finally, what are your plans for the future?
?Firstly, I will keep playing until I can?t run anymore! Secondly, be involved with my son Nicholas and help him with his football, and finally, support my brothers, George and Jeffrey in their football careers,? promised Issa.
It is truly fantastic to see players like Robbie Issa still strutting their stuff in the NSW State League despite their years, still as competitive as ever, and still making an impact in so many ways.
If you start to notice Fairfield City Lions winning football matches this season in Division One, rest assured that their enigmatic captain, Robert Issa, has something to do with it.
 -By Frank Speranza