WIN Stadium Double header


Diaz said, ?It?s the best surface in the league, it?s like a carpet and a dream to play on. For the style of football we play it?s going to be very entertaining to watch.?

Jackson was equally impressed, ?We had a look today and it?s unbelievable ? it?s manicured and gets the heart pumping ? so really looking forward to it.?
Stella also agreed, ?Great surface compared to any other in our league ?it?s so smooth and playing in a stadium like this will be unbelievable and good to watch as well?.
Dandaloo and Port Kembla will clash in the pre-season Fraternity Club Cup at 2:45, while the South Coast Wolves will meet Sydney giants Marconi Stallions in the first home match of the NSW Premier league season kicking off at 6.30pm.  South Coast Wolves under-20?s will fill in the gap at 4.30pm.
Diaz went on to say, ?People should get down here, because on this surface we?re going to be a good team to watch. You?re not getting the bad bounces and you?re not going to be under pressure straight away, so it?s going to be a good passing game and anyone that enjoys soccer is going to see a good display from all teams on Saturday? he said.   
We encourage all fans to bring their families and friends, settle in to watch a marathon 6 hours of quality football. A first for the Illawarra ? lets get the party started.
Details of the South Coast Wolves vs Marconi Stallions match-ups and players to watch will be available on th club website in the next few days. So be sure to click on for updates.