Arrive alive WSL Player Interview with A.P.I.A.-Leichhardt Tigers skipper Kylie Meehan


1) Your name and occupation?
Kylie Meehan, University student studying preschool and primary school teaching, also working at Uncle Pete?s Toy Shop.
2) Your favoured playing position?
Right Midfield
3) What was your first junior club?
Shoalhaven PCYC under 6?s
4) What made you take up football?
My brother, he was playing and I wanted to play as well so I did and haven?t stopped.
5) Who has been your most positive influence on your football career?
My family and my under 16s coach. My family have always been supportive and encouraging but what has influenced me is the most is my brother. My under 16s coach was a significant influence as he was an important part of my development.
6) Which footballer do you admire most?
Lucas Neill
7) Do you have any match day superstitions (lucky socks, left shoe before right, etc)?
No real superstitions but I generally try to spend time with my best mate the day before or the morning of a game.
8) If you could have a dinner party with any three famous people who would they be? Why?
Tim Cahill ? his passion and dedication to football.
Pink ? she is inspiring and an amazing entertainer.
Matty Johns ? he is hilarious and definitely would make it an interesting night.
9) What song best describes your approach to football?
Eye of the tiger
10) Is there a particular pre game meal you like to eat?
Pasta or rice the night before
11) What is your favourite football memory?
Scoring the winning goal in extra time of my under 16s grand final. We beat the team that hadn?t lost a game in a few years.
-By Ross Anderson