Be Heart Healthy in 2024

Heart Health

Following another successful Heart Health Round in April, Football NSW continues to encourage players to complete heart health checks in 2024. 

Getting your car serviced and attaining a pink slip is something most of us action on a regular basis to ensure our cars stay on the road. Despite our health being vastly more important, many of us fail to get regular check-ups, potentially putting ourselves at risk.

Sport is something everyone in the community should have the ability to participate in without risk of major health issues. With football hitting record participation numbers in 2024, Football NSW urges all players over 35 years of age to ensure they have had a simple heart health check. At the very least, it can provide peace of mind to your family and friends. 

Following the successful launch of Heart Health Round last season, Football NSW once again supported Heartbeat of Football’s (HOF) national ‘Make it Red’ heart health awareness campaign on 26-28 April. In 2024, a total of 79 football Clubs and Associations engaged in the campaign, representing an 80% increase from 2023, helping to spread positive heart health messaging and action across the community.


  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading single cause of disease burden and death in Australia and the world for both Men & Women. 
  • Four million Australians have a high chance of having a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, or stroke in the next five years. Many are unaware of this risk; 
  • Regular heart health checks with your GP help you better understand your risk of a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, or stroke in the next five years; DON’T DELAY, GO TODAY!


Go to your GP and get a heart health check-up that includes testing for key modifiable factors, including blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar level. Often heart disease is a genetic issue, so it is always better to know! These are also what Heartbeat of Football test for at their Heart Health Awareness & Testing Days.

Organise a Heart Health Testing day for you club