Futsal Winter State League Round 3 Review


The fans packed in to see Campbelltown Quake take on joint league leaders the Inner West Allstars in what was arguably the best game of the night. From beginning to end the game was played at a furious pace with great opportunities going to both sides. Early on Inner West took control with early chances falling to Jeff Bugallo and Jacob Di Mento before Quake hit back with a close chance from Ediz Alpkaya. Just when it looked like neither side could penetrate the other, a swift series of interchange passing allowed Jeff Bugallo to squeeze the ball in from a tight angle; he followed up a few minutes later by grabbing his second of the game thanks to a great run by Shervin Adeli.
Quake weren?t fazed by the two goal cushion and continued to play their game and got their reward just before the break with Daniel Martinez astutely chipping the keeper sending the crowd in a frenzy.
The second half began as the first did with blistering attacks and counters only this time Quake got in first with Tim Simpson getting an equaliser after unleashing an unstoppable shot. Inner West replied immediately with Shervin Adeli and he duly dispatched the ball home sending them in front 3 – 2. The game had now reached fever pitch as tackles began to fly in and fouls building up, both sides continued to push and in a matter of minutes goals came to Tim Simpson putting the game on a tightrope, but amazingly Inner West hit back with a goal to Jacob Di Mento after slotting underneath the keeper, only for Quake to snatch two more to Daniel Martinez giving him his hat trick and an unbelievable 5 – 4 lead. Quake had the opportunity to further increase their lead but missed a series of 10 meter penalty kicks before the referee blew the whistler to end a brilliant contest.
The ladies game of the night was between Campbelltown Quake and Sydney Tragic. In what was a great display of technical skill and movement the ladies put on a futsal clinic, utilising the 5th man to apply more pressure to the opposition?s defense. Chances fell to Clare Walsh for Quake and Natasha Lo Giudice for Tragic but they failed to convert. The game was played intensely with both sides trying not to make any errors ending scoreless at the break.
The second half saw both teams try valiantly to pierce and circumnavigate the opposition?s defence only to have both sides? respective keepers Tragic?s Mel McCauley and Quake?s Stephanie Haim pull of some great saves. The only goal of the game came to Natalie Spirovski after great build up play from Joanne Saliba and Kahlee Doyle, and that?s how the game finished. Both sides can be proud of how they played but this time the Sydney Tragic?s got the better of Quake.
Coming off a last minute loss to All Stars in Round 2, Dural made their intentions known early with an aggressive start. Two minutes into the game Toby Seeto from Dural hit the post with a low shot and followed up a minute later with a more successful result by rounding the Maccabi keeper, John Myers, for a simple roll into the net. Another minute and it was 2-0 when a pass down the line by Toby found Adam Bradley who shot the ball under the keeper. It was 5 minutes before Maccabi managed to get the ball out of their half for the first time and they were rewarded 11 minutes into the game with a goal by Paul Meltz into the top left corner. Both keepers then made several saves and the score remained 2-1 at half time. After the break, an Adam Bradley cross to the far post to a waiting Michael Thornton was deflected into his own goal by an unlucky Gareth New. Four minutes before the end another cross at an acute angle by Ben Lawson gave Toby his second goal. A final break by Maccabi was stifled when an alert Allister Hercus came smartly off his line to block the shot. The game ended with Dural getting the win with a commanding 4 ? 1 performance.
Other results of the night were:
West City Crusaders 6 (Guilherme Souza x 2, Luie Gimenez x 4)
Sydney City Eagles 2 (David Da Fonseca x 2)
Dural Warriors 4 (Adam Bradley x 2, Toby Seetho x 2)
Maccabi 1 (Sam Bend)
Commordores 9 ( Scott Dingwall x 3, Chris Dingwell x 2, Geoff Turner x 3, Nathan Wynn)                                                                     
Shire Futsal 2 (Tim Scouros, Scott Farahar)
Northern Beaches 2 (Engelo Rumora, Brendon Bush)
Parramatta Blues  2 (Justin Mcleay, Goran Ljuboja)
Campbelltown Quake 5 (Daniel Martinez x 3, Tim Simpson x 2)
Inner West Allstars 4 (Jeff Bugallo x 2, Jacob Di Mento, Shervin Adeli)
Sydney Benfica 8 (Falvio Moreira, Osmar Barros x 2, Itua Baptista x 2, Ricardo Gomes x2,Rui Hatly)
Plumpton 4 (Troy Eedy x 2, Evan Daglis, Daniel Fogarty)
Liverpool Fusion 2 (Samantha Muscat, Nichole Laws)
Dural Warriors 1 (Jaqui Frier)
Sydney Tragic 1 (Natalie Spirovski)                                                                          
Campbelltown Quake 0                                                    

Sydney City Eagles 2 (Melissa Link, Jodie Bain)
Inner West Allstars 2 (Amanda Horafios, Elyce Goss)