SDSFA Coach of the Month and Player of the Month winners


SDSFA introduced this year, which is proudly sponsored by SportFirst Fairfield, who have kindly donated 2 x $50 vouchers each month in recognising both the coach and player of the month winners.
Clubs nominate a player aged in the junior competitive (U9 to U16) and a Coach (any age group) and they must give a reason as to why they are worthy candidates.
It gives recognition to SDSFA?s coaches that volunteer their time towards this great sport and gives incentive to the junior players. 
It can be quite hard to choose just one winner as all clubs have such exemplary coaches and players.  
Each month the coach and the player are presented a certificate and their SportFirst Fairfield $50 voucher at SDSFA?s General Meeting in front of all the clubs.
June winners are:
Dominic Febbo
AC UNITED Football Club    (U15 division 2)
Dominic lives and breathes soccer, his passion and loyalty to the AC Club has been evident over the years of service.
Dominic always gives 110% in every game and also at training, where we have nicknamed him ?Whipper Snipper?, as he always leaves a trail of cut grass everywhere he runs. There wouldn?t be a single blade of grass on the whole field that he wouldn?t cover during the game.
Where ever the ball is you can be assured that Dominic will be there as well.
He is a true team player and we are very proud to have him play in our team.
It is for these and many more other reasons why we have nominated Dominic as player of the month.
Bryan Taylor
Moorebank Soccer Club   (U9 Division 6)
We nominate Bryan Taylor for the Under 9 Division 6 Team, for his persistence and constant effort and determination with a group of kids.

Each week he tries to identify what they need to concentrate on to improve on past mistakes, errors made.

He always encourages our team and gets them to think positive. eg; play like your life depended on it and never give up. 

He is constantly teaching the kids to play as a team and to hold their positions and support one another.

Bryan never puts the team down, is very respectful, courteous and always tries to do the right by everyone, even the other teams. He is a hard worker that is proud no matter what. The parents and players fully appreciate his time and devotion each week to the team.