Portable Goalpost Safety Reminder Summer Football


Football NSW now requires that all existing medium and full size portable goalposts are affixed with yellow Warning stickers alerting of the dangers of playing and climbing on goalposts. 
The Australian Standard also requires that all newly manufactured portable goalposts are constructed in accordance with manufacturing standards and must also display the same Warning notice.
Since 1986 there have been 8 deaths in Australia from falling goalposts and since 1979 there have been 35 deaths in the USA, mostly involving children.
It is vital that all clubs conduct regular safety checks on all goalposts and monitor their safe use and safe storage during the summer season.  
If your club has medium or full size portable goalposts that are not affixed with warning stickers email your club details and contact information to michelle@footballnsw.com.au or phone 02 8814 4402 and we will arrange for a supply of stickers to be sent to your club.
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